No fixed ropes! No supplemental oxygen! The most technical routes!



All SEVEN of our summits conquered in ONE day.
~ Mt. Washington ~ Mt. Lookout ~ Mt. Adams ~ Mt. Auburn ~ Mt. Storm ~ Mt. Airy ~ Mt. Echo ~

—  Friday, October 16, 2015  —

For the benefit of Keep Cincinnati Beautiful

Some daring people have managed to climb the world’s “seven summits” (the highest mountain on each of the seven continents). This has inspired local businessman and outdoor magazine reader Steve Kissing to attempt to bag each of Cincinnati’s seven summits in one day: Mt. Washington, Mt. Lookout, Mt. Adams, Mt. Auburn, Mt. Storm, Mt. Airy and Mt. Echo. This is a major climbing feat requiring unparalleled technical skills, endurance and, of course, raw courage. 

Steve and his company--Wordsworth Communications--created this challenge as a means of raising awareness and funds for Keep Cincinnati Beautiful. On each climb, Steve will have several "Sherpas" carrying his gear, wiping his brow and picking up litter left by previous climbers.

Everyone is encouraged to support Steve by donating to Keep Cincinnati Beautiful. You can donate by texting “seven” to 50155 or by clicking below.


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You can donate by texting “seven” to 50155 or clicking the button below.